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Will Writing Service

First we need to ask you a few simple questions to make sure our online service is right for you. If you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting and you are both considering making a will then you will need to answer the following questions together.

Before you begin

Our online service is only suitable for making a simple will, directing your entire estate to be given to one person or a number of people in equal shares or percentages.

If you would also like to make gifts of specific sums of money, items or benefit a charity or organisation one of our personal services would be more appropriate for you.

Please indicate whether you would like to proceed.

A will prepared using our online service is provided in font size 11. If you are blind or require larger print this service would not be suitable for you. One of our other personal services may meet your needs.

Would you like to proceed?

Your age
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Where do you live?

Personal circumstances
Are you?
Do you have children?

Your assets
Select all the assets you either own or part own from this list.

Please think about the people you wish to benefit from you estate, do they fall into any of these categories?

You must answer all the questions before you can continue